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New Era Cap Company Inc.™, the largest and fastest growing headwear manufacturer in the United States, has an 88-year-old tradition of creating quality products that transcend time, culture, sport and fashion. Although New Era® is rooted in sports heritage as the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball, they have evolved into a brand that can be seen on the runways of Paris during Fashion Week and in hundreds of music videos on MTV. New Era is seen as an iconic brand that celebrities, entertainers, musicians and athletes are seen wearing today.

The New Era Cap Company manufacture many authentic caps including 59fifty fitted, a sized, fitted, flat peaked cap, 9fifty snapback, an adjustable cap with a snap closure and flat peak, Artist Series Caps designed by commissioned artists from around the world and Comic Book caps from DC and Marvel Comics, including, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Punisher, Captain America, The Hulk and Ironman.


The latest Artist Series Caps have been designed by Steve Pitocco, an artist from France, who has worked on collaboration projects with the likes of G-Shock, Lacoste, Adidas and Reebok.  For more information on Steve Pitocco and to view more of his work check out his website - Steve Pitocco

New Era Artist Series Cap - Steve Pitocco - Art Block     New Era Artist Series Cap - Steve Pitocco - The Koeurele     New Era Artist Series Cap - Steve Pitocco - The Purple Tiger

New Era Artist Series Cap- Steve Pitocco - Art Block
New Era Artist Series Cap - Steve Pitocco - The Koeurele
New Era Artist Series Cap - Steve Pitocco - The Purple Tiger

New Era Bue Signature Tag

New Era Artist Series Caps from Bue the Warrior, a Belgian street artist, NOW IN STOCK.  Each comes with it’s own Bue designed New Era Cap Gift Box.

Bue has been drawing forever. He comes from a family of draughtsmen, his father and grandfather drawing for one of the most popular comic strip studios in Belgium.

"I started painting an evening back in 1991, when I met two spray can artists on a bus, on their way to paint walls. They told me that since I had drawing skills, I should be trying out spray painting, and they handed me two of their cans, so I could start something. The same evening I painted my first piece, and was hooked on it ever since."

Bue Face Fun New Era CapBue Mister Rain New Era CapBue Monster Mouth New Era CapBue Say Yo New EraBue Throw Up New Era Cap

New Era Bue Face Fun 59FIFTY Cap - Face Fun
New Era Bue Mister Rain 59FIFTY Cap - Mister Rain
New Era Bue Monster Mouth 59FIFTY Cap - Monster Mouth
New Era Bue Say Yo 59FIFTY Cap - Say Yo
New Era Bue Throw Up 59FIFTY Snapback Cap - Throw Up
New Era Bue Cheeky Bue Man 9FIFTY Snapback Cap - Cheeky Man



1920 - Ehrhardt Koch starts his own cap company - E. Koch Cap Co.  Production starts in Buffalo, New York.  Starting with 14 employees the company produces 60000 caps in it's first year.

1922 - E Koch Cap Co is officially named The New Era Cap Company.  During the 1920's New Era produces a full range of men's casual and uniform caps, but few sporting products.

1932 - Baseball is enjoying massive popularity across America.  Harold Koch decides that this is a great time for New Era to launch into the sprots cap business. Ehrhardt designs New Era's version of the baseball cap.

1934 - New Era's first pro baseball caps are produced for the Cleveland Indians, both home and away caps.  As exclusive licensing did not exist then each hat company would compete for the team's business every year.

1940 - During early 1940 New Era is producing caps for a long list of local, minor league, college and Canadian baseball teams.  They were also producing more major league caps, but the majority of these were private labels, made for Wilson and Spaulding who would add their own labels and sell directly to the teams.
In the mid 1940's Honus Wagner who was then coaching the Pittsburgh Pirates, requests a custom made capto fit his unusually large head.

World War II - There is a severe shortage of fabric, especially coloured, due to the war rations. Cream fabric was bought on the black market and dyed in the Koch's home washing machine.  Even though the colours varied from batch to batch customers were sohappy to get colours that they didn't care.

Late 1940's - New Era debuts it's adjustable size cap.

1950 - New Era is supplying caps to the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers as well as to other teams under the private labelling with Wilson and Spaulding.  The New Era Cap Company is the only independent cap maker supplying big league teams.

1954 - New Era's fitted pro cap is redesigned, modernised and named the 5950 (aka the "Brooklyn Style" cap) by Harold Koch who is now the head of New Era.

Early 1960's - Harold and David Koch call for the end of private labelling - this would take most of the 1960's to achieve.  To win over the teams incentives were offered, including, cap cleaning and reconditioning.  By 1965 New Era was supplying caps to about 10 of the pro teams.

1969 - New Era supplies special caps forthe Apollo 11 moon mission's Splashdown Recovery effort on the USS Hornet. All later recoveries were also supplied with these unique handmade caps.

1974 - 20 of the 24 pro teams are signed up to New Era and business is continuing to grow year on year.

1976 - Dave's son Chris Koch starts working at New Era while still at college.  By 1979 he works for New Era during the day and attends college at night.

1978 - New Era experiments with direct advertising offering pro fitted baseball caps to anyone who sent in a cheque or cash for $12.99.  Response is overwhelming and this helps to shape the boom in pro licensing caps during the 1980's.

EARLY 1980's - The 80's is a decade of consistently steady growth for New Era. The companyis now selling to college sports, international baseball teams, tennis, golf, custom special orders, the military and 23 of the 26 pro MLB teams.

MID 1980's -  Introduced in the early 1980's, the multi head Barudan automated sewing machines revolutionised maufacturing for New Era, allowing a major increase in the rate of production for embroidered caps.

1986 - In conjunction with Major League Baseball, New Era unveils it's Diamond Collection pro 5950 cap - the same 5950 as before but now sanctioned as an official on-field product.

Late 1980's - Wearing "the cap the pro's wear" is now a major element of the fans headware.

1993 - New Era is granted the first exclusive licence with Major League Baseball to produce the on field pro baseball caps for all the teams.  It had been 59 years since Harold Koch had secured the Cleveland Indians in 1934.

1996 - Filmmaker Spike Lee requests a re NY Yankees Cap starting a fashion trend.  He has a long relationship with New Era directing their first TV ad in 1997.

1997 - New Era unveils it's first new logo in a generation, the "Flag", which would appear on all New Era headware becomes a fashion statement in it's own right.