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The Infinity Pro Power Band is packed with Tourmaline - a semi precious gem stone which emits Negative Ions, Alpha Waves and Far Infrared Rays.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious, naturally occurring, gem stone which has a high natural output of Negative Ions, Alpha Waves and Far Infrared Rays.  It was first discovered in Sri Lanka in 1703 and is now found all around the world.  These Infinity Pro bands are embedded with black tourmaline.  During the manufacturing process tourmaline powder is mixed with the silicone in the highest ratio possible without degrading the elasticity of the silicone.  This means you get one of the most powerful bands on the market.

In 1880, lab experiments performed by scientists - Pierre and Jacques Curie (Physics Nobel Prize winners) - proved that Tourmaline generates a weak electrical charge when it is heated (pyroelectricity )or when pressure is applied to its surface (piezoelectricity) your body naturally emits heat which warms the power band and thus activating the tourmaline within. This is why tourmaline is known as "The Electric Stone".

Further research by scientists in Japan confirmed that tourmaline carries a constant electrical charge of 0.06mA as well as having magnetic properties. Japanese researchers also found that no matter how small tourmaline is, whether in rock or powder form it is still capable of conveying an electric current. 



An ion is an atom or molecule with an electric charge.  Some ions are positively charged and some are negatively charged.  They are all around us and come from both natural and man made sources.  To best understand the effects of negative ions, it’s important to understand the effects that positive ions have on our bodies.

High concentrations of positive ions (and the lack of negative ions) are associated with most of the environmental stressors found in our daily lives, such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pesticides, dust and soot, and the radiation released by high-voltage power lines, computers, cell phones and electric appliances, to name a few.  When inside the body these positive ions turn into free radicals.

Free Radicals are linked to tissue damage, making you feel tired, some diseases (including cancer) and generally just making you less able to function at your maximum.

The Tourmaline in Infinity Pro Power Bands converts moisture in the air into negative ions and releases around 2000 Negative Ions per second - more than enough to neutralize the positive ions around you and in your body, therefore stopping free radical formation.

This allows you and your body to function at it's MAXIMUM.


When we relax our brain release a frequency of 8-12 Hz - an Alpha Wave.  Tourmaline resonates at the same frequency of 8-12 Hz.  

By having Tourmaline inside the Infinity Pro Band it means that you are surrounded by a constant stream of Alpha Waves.  

The result is that your brain is "tricked" into thinking it is in an "Alpha Wave State" or "Relaxed State" because of the abundance of Alpha Waves (8-12 Hz frequency) around your body.

When your brain is more relaxed it helps you to - 

There are also knock on effects of being more relaxed which can help your health and sports activity in general.


Tourmaline emits Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

Exposing your body to Far Infrared Rays comes with many health benefits because of the warming effect they have on the body.

When worn, the FIR being produced by the Infinity Pro Power Band warms your blood, which in turn dilates your capillaries and increases circulation.

Far Infrared Rays have been shown to have the following benefits -